Collaborative Divorce

Here at the law office of the Lake County Divorce Lawyer, we aim to assist our clients solve their family law cases in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.  If you are seeking a divorce, contact us today to hear about the different processes that you can choose to dissolve your marriage.

A collaborative divorce is a divorce process that combines teamwork into the divorce process. Each of the spouses and their two separate Lake County divorce attorneys work together amicably to settle all matters of the divorce.  This process takes place out of court, away from the courtroom atmosphere.

Each of the attorneys works together and with each client to negotiate all matters that must be settled including child custody, visitation, separation of assets, and more.  

Each party is free to end the collaborative divorce in favor of a traditional divorce at any time.

Our Lake County Divorce Attorney can represent any client interested in a collaborative divorce.  Many clients find that collaborative divorces are less stressful, faster and less expensive than the typical court divorce proceeding.   

To discuss whether a collaborative divorce is a viable option for your case, contact us here at the law office of the Lake County Divorce Attorney today.