A Lake County Family Attorney


The Lake County Divorce Attorney provides many more services than just representation for simple traditional divorce. He can also administer a mediation session for any interested client. If you would like to discuss scheduling a mediation session, contact the law office of the Lake County Divorce Attorney today.

Mediation is a type of legal meeting outside of litigation where the parties and their attorneys can meet to discuss the terms of their divorce or other family law matter. Mediation can be either court-ordered or voluntary.

Mediation sessions offer clients the opportunity to discuss their issues in a closed-door environment without the fear of legal consequences. Even if an agreement cannot be made on every issue, mediation sessions often start the process of resolving conflicts and put a case on the right path toward resolution.

Our Lake County Divorce Attorney Can Save You Money

A single mediation session can also result in less legal fees and save clients thousands of dollars.

The Lake County Divorce Attorney has administered mediation sessions for clients in all types of family law cases. Many clients often find that mediation is very helpful in allowing them to articulate their feelings and needs, cutting down on the stress and anxiety that can come with a court case.

If you have questions or would like to arrange a mediation meeting, contact the law office of the Lake County Divorce Attorney today to discuss your case.