Lake County Contempt of Court Attorney

Sometimes when a divorce is finalized or a child custody and visitation order has been decreed, one or more of the parties will fail to live up to the guidelines explained in the order.  Violating a family court order in the state of Illinois can actually be handled as a criminal offense.  But in any case, the violating party can he held in “contempt of court.”

If you are having trouble with your ex-spouse violating a court order or have been notified that you are in contempt of court, contact our office right away to discuss your case with the Lake County Divorce Attorney.

People violate family law orders for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps the most common cases of these violations concern child visitation and the failure to pay child support. 

Parents of children with custody and visitation orders must understand that they need to follow the visitation schedule outlined in their order.  Sometimes a parent will withhold visitation because they have not received their child support payment or an alimony payment.  The family courts frown heavily on this type of behavior, and it could result in legal action against you if you withhold visitation from the parent of your child.

Instead what you should do is contact our office to consult with the Lake County Divorce Attorney about your case.  Our office has successfully handled all types of violation cases and can help you solve your conflict in a peaceful, swift manner.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation regarding your case.