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Are you considering your options for divorce?

At the law office of the Lake County Divorce Attorney, we understand that a divorce is one of the most painful experiences a person can ever face. It is also often overwhelming to determine what your prospects are in court all alone.

If you are seeking or evaluating your options for a divorce in the Lake County area, contact our family law firm to discuss your case with the Lake County Divorce Attorney

There are two types of divorces in the state of Illinois—fault and no-fault divorce.

A no-fault divorce is one where the couple has lived separately for at least two years and has decided that they cannot reconciled their differences.

A fault divorce is one that claims the actions of one of the spouses caused the end of the marriage. Such actions could be adultery, drug abuse, impotence, bigamy, criminal actions, infecting a spouse with an STD, and more.

The Lake County Divorce Attorney has worked for many years on both types of divorce cases. Our office also offers services to clients that need a military divorce or would like to consider the option of a collaborative divorce.

Our legal team can handle cases involving domestic violence, custody disputes, property disputes, and other matters requiring legal assistance. Wherever necessary we employ the help of mediators and professional counselors to guide a divorce proceeding with as much grace as possible.

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